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Feel like hip-tossing your computer out of a window? With Enrol Me Online we will help you to do more of what you love, teaching

Ready to Go

With pre-created enrolment templates and emails, specifically created for the needs of Martial Arts, you will be going in no time!

Mobile Friendly

No matter what device your customers are on, with Enrol Me Online they will have a great experience enrolling for your Martial Arts.

Spread the word

You can share the link to your enrolment form however you like, and people can take care of enrolling when, and where, they like.

Enrol Me Online will enable you to run your business better.

As an on again off again' martial arts student, I got to see how little our instructors disliked 'that' time of the month. Yep, that time when they had to go around and chase up membership fees and then mentally prepare to head home and type them all into their bookkeeping program. Everyone knew we were in for a tough week on the mats when this was going on!

Enrol Me Online not only gives you time to work 'on' the business, it saves you money and empowers your customers, by enabling them to sort out their enrolment at a time that suits them. Each term, course or season, Enrol Me Online will save you MANY hours by taking the processing the enrolments off your hands. Also, as people will pay you in advance, Enrol Me Online will also be a great change for your cash-flow needs, stopping staff from having to chase up payments from people as they come for their classes and lessons.

Simple, intuitive usage.

Enrol Me Online has been built to flow through the steps you would take when enrolling a student. With the automagic emails in place, we will take more off your shoulders when running your business, as all great software should!

Going to the bank, to deposit that cash, will be a thing of the past with Enrol Me Online. You will now have more time to run your business, instead of finding a car spot and standing in line.


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