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Enrol Me Online is a platform that has been created to help class, and course, based businesses manage their enrolments much, much more easily than the way most do. We allow your customers to enrol, pay, make changes to their information and view a number of reports about their enrolment.

We have both enrolment form, and email, templates that have been created to suit your specific business type, further reducing the time you need to give to this process.

I'm glad you asked... 

As the platform is being finished up, I would recommend you head to our Contact Us page and let us know that you are interested. From there we can get back to you as soon as the system is ready to start taking enrolments for you.

We have some key differences from how people traditionally enrol for a class or course:
* Extremely easy-to-use system that has been created specifically for this one purpose
* Templates of the enrolment form, and emails, have already been done for you, meaning you can jump right into getting everything set-up, ready to take enrolments.
* Free if your course is free, else we take just 4.5%, and 50 cents, from each transaction that is put through the Enrol Me Online system. This means, if you don't get paid through Enrol Me Online, we ask for zero money from you!


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