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Below are some of the features that make Enrol Me Online the perfect partner to your course based business

Features that make your business run better

Only Paid When You Are

When your enroller’s join up, and pay, for your classes we will process their payment and take a small percentage of 4.5%. That’s it. If you offer free classes, we offer a free platform to use

No Ongoing Fees Ever!

With Enrol Me Online there are no monthly, or ongoing, fees or charges. You can use the platform as much as you like for free. We only get paid when you do.

Painless Set-up. No, Really!

As long as you know your ABN and Bank Account Details, we think it will take you maybe 3 minutes to create your Enrol Me Online Account, and it will be 3 minutes well spent.

Enrolling is Easy

People looking to enrol in your classes/ course simply select the course they are interested in, enter their information and pay. Simple.

Security is Vital

We use Stripe to process payments. You can read about how much they value security by clicking here. link to 

Information When Needed

Every time you get a new enrolment, we will send an email to let you know. If this gets annoying, you can switch them off and see who has joined from your Dashboard or Reports.


With $0 to set-up and try, what are you waiting for?

You can Enrol People

From either the Attendee’s Page, or the Class Page, you can put people in classes at the click of a button. Really, it is that quick and easy.

Moving Classes is Easy

From the Class’ Page, or Class List, you can change the class’ date and time with a few clicks.

Cut-out Cash Handling

Instead of having to have a float and staff manning the register, people will now pay for their class, or course, ahead of time online. Awesome!

Updated Class Lists

As people will have registered absences through the platform, your Class Lists will be up-to-date. To print them takes just a few mouse clicks or screen taps.

Export Data Quickly

From your Reports you will be able to view everything that is important to your business running smoothly and successfully.

Reports done Right

From your Reports Page you will be able to access information about what has passed through your Enrol Me Online account.

Your Info at a Glance

When you login you will be taken to the Dashboard. From here you be able to see areas important to your business at a quick glance.

Device Agnostic

Whether on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, our pages have been designed to fit in with how you work, and how your customers pay.


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