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Improving your cash-flow, reducing cash-handling errors, saving staff time and improving your customer’s experience, all while keeping them coming back

If you are a business that takes your class/ course bookings via phone, in person or email, Enrol Me Online will help you to… 

SAVE TIME. With your successful, and hopefully growing, business reling on providing a great experience for your customers is something that takes time, and we appreciate that. With Enrol Me Online you will be empowering your customers to complete what they need, when they are able to do it.

Your customers will be able to enrol into classes, and pay for them, while sitting in front of their computer at work or standing at a bus stop on their journey home. As your customers also complete the enrolment information required, we save you and your staff many hours a week by not having to type in all that enrolment information. 

SAVE MONEY. While your paying staff, and instructors, to fulfil this manual requirement, they aren’t teaching. Isn’t your, and your instructors, time best spent doing what you love doing… teaching people? Stop paying people to stand at a desk having to deal with enrolment phone calls and questions. Get Enrol Me Online to take this ongoing chore off your hands and onto the Internet.

SAVE YOUR SANITY. Enrol Me Online will automate many of the time-consuming, tedious, repetitive tasks you need to perform many times a week, or even each day! eg. When moving a class, as often needs to happen, you will need to click about five times and it is done. Once the class is moved, all the ‘enrollers’, for that class, will get an email notifying them of the change. Done! 

We bet you won’t miss having to call each of them to let them know of the change…


Some businesses we are GREAT for...

Australian Made and Owned
Enrol Me Online has been created in Australia to help our, and the world’s, small 'course-based' businesses.
When you give us a try you will be supporting an Australian business, and when you need any help, it will come from our support team based in Victoria.
We hope you love Enrol Me Online as much as we do.


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